Useful tools and programs
The following tools are the creations of various members of the NS Sport community.
I have tried to give credit where possible, but in some cases, I don't know who was responsible (sorry!)
If you have a tool to add to the list, let me know on Discord (academydropout#1037) or shoot me a TG gameside.

Description Author Link

xkoranate (Community Edition) Commerce Heights
(community updated)

(Original site)
Commerce Heights v0.3.3 (Windows)
v0.3.3 (MacOS)

(Original site)
Vephrall v3.0.1 (latest)

UICA/IFCF Scorinator
(Modified xkoranate w/SQIS algorithm)
Commerce Heights
(updated by Osarius)

Leagion Rejistania Mirror

Tennis scorinator Schiavonia v0.3.1 (xlsx)
v0.3.1 (ods)
v0.3.1 (xls)

Darts scorinator Schiavonia v1.0 (xlsx)

Foxsal scorinator Osarius GoogleSheets

Flag URLs Osarius GoogleSheets

NSS Miniflags
(read only)
Tikariot GoogleSheets

Triple Elimination Bracket
(built-in SQIS scorinator)
Osarius GoogleSheets

Scorinator input generator
(For xkoranate and NSFS)
Osarius GoogleSheets

Results formatter
(For xkoranate and NSFS)
Osarius GoogleSheets

Results Table Formatter Osarius GoogleSheets

Squad list formatter Osarius GoogleSheets

Cup Format Calculator
(straight knockout)
Osarius GoogleSheets

Lineup Builder (wiki-based)
Create the code in the GoogleSheet provided
Then create a page on the NS Sport wiki
Osarius GoogleSheets
Wiki examples

NRR calculator Ko-oren GoogleSheets

ApoxBaller w/ built in KORtables Ko-oren GoogleSheets

Grear's Cricket Scorecard Maker Grear v2.01 (GoogleSheets)

Xkoranate Signup ID Helper Ko-oren GoogleSheets

Pythagorean Expectation Ko-oren GoogleSheets

Table Format Creator Ko-oren GoogleSheets

Quick and Dirty Sports Stats Ko-oren GoogleSheets

Election Generator Ko-oren GoogleSheets

Ko-orenite Name Generators Ko-oren GoogleSheets

Phrasebook Generator
(creates factbook output)
Cobrio GoogleSheets

Kitbasher Team List Maker
(includes auto cell colouring)
Osarius GoogleSheets

Tournament Wiki Builder
(mostly for World Cups)
Osarius GoogleSheets

FIFA Style Player Cards Osarius GoogleSheets